Neteller Casino Deposits - Now Legal In Some US States? It's True!

It wasn't so long ago that using Neteller casino deposits to fund American and Canadian online casino accounts, was one of many ways a player could fund their account along with withdrawing their winnings.

Not so now these days. There is only one casino that springs to mind where Neteller casino deposits could be used, as already a highly respected casino.

How did this scenario all come about and what triggered such seemingly drastic action? Has it had an impact on Netellers' business in general?

The wheels were set in motion with the UIGEA otherwise known as Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Neteller being such a large payment provider to fund offshore gaming accounts would feel the reverberations of the US government's decision to clamp down on their citizens funding overseas gaming accounts in no uncertain terms.

The co-founders of this UK company, a country where gaming is legal and has been so for decades were arrested and it was not until July of 2007, that players funds were allowed to be released. Earnings made on small commissions transferring funds to players North American banks, was slashed from a high of $270 million yearly down to $40 million. Now they're just finding their way back on their feet.

With gaming now legal to residents of Nevada and New Jersey, residents are now once again legally allowed to use Neteller casino deposits. Also, Bovada. a highly respected online casino, are also offering Neteller services to their customers.

Will it be much longer before others join the fold? That would be hard to say, but at some point as more and more states like Delaware legally allow gaming operators within their borders, surely it will only be a matter of time. How long that will be though is anyone's guess. Meanwhile render unto Caesar what Caesar considers is Caesar's still seems to apply.