Opening An Account With an E-Check Is Safe & Secure - Here's Why!

One way for Canadians and Americans is with an e-check.

It is by far one of the safest means available, however it is not possible to be used if there are no available funds in a players bank account, whereas with a credit card this would not be a problem.

Of course many would consider this a good thing. If the player doesn't have the funds in their checking account, just like if they wanted to send a wire transfer, they will not be permitted to send an e-check.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as a player is restricted to only spending what he can afford, which of course is one of the golden rules of gambling.

Using this method of funding a gaming account allows a player who does have available funds to transfer them via the normal banking channels. This way the transfer is carried out electronically and as a result is completed instantaneously.

When a player chooses this method as their payment option, their bank will interact with their chosen online casino directly, making this a very secure choice for depositing funds.

It should be noted that if the site the player has selected to have their funds moved to is in any way shape or form not secure, the bank will refuse to carry out this or any other such transaction.

This in itself gives the player a further layer of security when it comes to transferring their funds and without a doubt adds peace of mind. Also they don't have to pay extra charges or fees either.

E-checks Come With No Hidden Fees - They Are Free Of Charge!

There are no charges on any deposits that are made using the e-check method. The full amount the player has instructed the bank to transfer, is what ends up in the player's casino account.

Also there is no cause for concern over security as with debit or credit cards or an e-wallet service, where there is always the concern that their personal details could be stolen or misused in a fraudulent manner.

The electronic check is tied up to the players checking account by use of the routing number. This way the funds are instantly withdrawn out of the players bank account, and the appropriate deposit is made at the other end in its complete entirety to the penny.

Casinos Offer Bonus Money To Add To Electronic Check Deposits!

Many casinos allow the use of electronic checks and there are also some that offer a special bonus when an e-check is used for funding an account.

They will add an additional percentage to the deposit usually between 10-15% offering a great way of gaining extra added value when making a deposit rather than the reverse, where money gets taken out! Terms & Conditions apply to bonus money, be sure to read, as always!