Pay Casino Deposits With Entropay

Pay Casino Deposits with Entropay

Entropay casino deposits can be used to pay for your online casino games. You can use EntroPay Virtual Visa to deposit money to your online casino account. The process is no different than using a credit card so it's very easy to use. When you get to the payment page, choose EntroPay from the payment options. In the payment form, you enter the name of the card holder, the Virtual Visa card number and the date of validity. It will also require the 3 digit CVC/CVV code. Once the details are confirmed, the amount will be available on your casino account immediately.

It is also very easy to withdraw from your online casino account using Entropay Virtual Visa. Open the cash out page and select Entropay from the list of withdrawal methods. A number of information needs to be filled out. Complete the needed withdrawal information together with the amount to be withdrawn. Once completed and confirmed, the money will be credited back to your EntroPay Virtual Visa account instantly.

But using EntroPay casino deposits and withdrawals have both advantages and disadvantages. Immediate, safe and anonymous are the characteristic advantages of using EntroPay Virtual Visa. Players get instant access to money deposited in their account and it can be in different currencies like US Dollars, Euro and British Pounds. The Visa is also a debit card. It has the advantage of reducing the risk of overspending as compared to an almost unlimited credit line from a regular credit card. It is also very easy to get a Visa. You only need to go their website, create an account and you will immediately get one.

As to the disadvantages, using EntroPay Virtual Visa involves a number of fees and can get to be expensive. The biggest of which is a 4.95% charge when you load using a debit card or a credit card. When it is funded by a personal bank account, the corresponding fee is 3.95%. For withdrawals, a 1.95% fee is also charged for funding by third parties like the casino.