Get Paid With Great Microgaming Bonuses

In the online casino world, players are always looking for the best deals. Maximizing your bankroll allows you to boost your chances of winning which is always the ultimate goal, so it's easy to see why so many people focus on this aspect of the experience. Canadian players have a number of good options with Microgaming casino sites, but one really stands out as being out of this world. That site is Spin Palace, and we want to show you exactly what you can cash in on when you play with this particular establishment.

It all starts at Spin Palace when you put up your very first deposit. They have an in-depth welcome package that helps you to increase your opportunities to win by giving you special matches on your first three deposits. You'll earn 100 percent on your first deposit for a maximum of $250. Then on your second deposit, you can get up to $300 with a 25 percent match offer. Finally, your third deposit will get you up to $450 worth of value since you'll be given a 50 percent match. This triple whammy of a welcome package gives you up to $1,000 in value right off the bat in a deal that's perfect for Canadian players, and if you're interested in it, then you can see all the info here about it.

And they aren't one of these sites that's just going to throw you to the dogs after you get done with your welcome bonus. They offer special deals every single month based on where you stand in their loyalty program. Everyone gets free entry into this program, and you'll earn a chance at up to at least $500 in bonuses as a part of this program every single month.

What's more is that they often give out no deposit bonus opportunities, so you can get in on the action at Spin Palace without having to even risk anything. This is perfect for the Canadian player who's looking to get a bankroll started up. You'll be able to test drive the software and try out a wide range of games without having to risk a deposit, and it's the perfect opportunity for players who want to get a leg up on getting a new bankroll together.