Relevant information about Ecocard Casino deposits

The financial industry is constantly evolving to make it more convenient for customers to manage funds. One such product is the EcoCard, first launched in 1999 and headquartered in the UK. Among other things, it functions as an eWallet, and may be used for online purchases and fund transfers. EcoCard casino deposits are also a feature, and are available for most international players, including the UK and Canada. Support is thus available in seven major languages.

Signing up for an account is free and may be done on its website. For security, it requires the provision of some personal information and the designation of a user name and password.

After registration, funding the account is through several options, depending on their availability in your location and the fees you are willing to pay. Deposits from credit cards are levied 2.9% while bank transfers are free. Electronic transfers get charged the highest at 4.9%.

The good news for gamblers is that EcoCard casino deposits are always free, with instantaneous processing and credit. It is as easy as filling out some forms with the establishment cashier, and then off you go.

Lest you think that the convenience is all one way, withdrawals from your casino account are just as easy. In fact, the transfer back is always free. Once the funds are in your EcoCard account, then it's once again up to you on how you want to get ahold of your cash. You may opt for a money transfer back to your account which is given a flat fee of $14. Another good option is to request for either the prepaid or the virtual debit card of MasterCard, both of which charge 2% of the amount. The prepaid debit card is a regular card which can be used for shopping and even withdrawals from ATMs all over the world. The virtual card may be used for online transactions. Given the fees, this option is best when the withdrawals are less than $700.